Shane Pacey Trio

“The Guitar and Voice of The Bondi Cigars bringing it back home”

In a time when Blues is in great danger of being swallowed by the all-encompassing term “roots music,’ the very concept of a Blues band seems to be almost a quaint idea.

THE SHANE PACEY TRIO… are that rare (and becoming rarer!) thing…

A dedicated Blues band, rather than a solo star with supporting musicians…


While Shane Pacey states in his promotional material that: “His main aim is to create something totally different to The Cigars”, I’m afraid that is easier said than done. As Shane is the original, and familiar voice and guitar for the Cigars, the opening track, ‘I’m a Ram’ (A Green/M Hodges) has that distinctive sound stamped all over it. This is definitely not a bad thing; it’s like listening to an old friend play the music we’ve loved for the last couple of decades. But with Watch Out! we are reintroduced to those old sounds from the days of Chess Records and the style of Peter Green; “a trip through blues’ back pages, played with Shane’s customary attack and passion.”

The Shane Pacey Trio consists of Shane on guitar/vox, Paul Blasi on bass and Dave Fester on drums. This is a very tight, professional outfit, showcasing 12 tracks, with two originals. Black Rose is a rocky little instrumental with some great guitar licks, throbbing bass and steady backbeat. Water on the Road is a smooth, slower paced number with that familiar style we all know and love; Shane’s slowly drawn out vocals, rising and dipping with emotion to complement those plaintive guitar notes.

The remaining tracks are filled with the early rockier, and swamp filled sounds from a bygone era. They need to be played; just to remind us why this music grabbed us by the throat all those years ago. The Shane Pacey Trio certainly does that; laying down the perfect platform as an introduction for the next generation of musicians – hopefully inspiring them to investigate, and delve deeper, into the history and music of these artists. Oh, and at the same time, re-energizing and satisfying the souls of the rest of us!

Who wouldn’t be satisfied listening to Key To The Highway (Segar/Broonzy) or that familiar number, Cold Cold Feeling (Jessie Mae Robinson)? And then we have a very good version of She Moves Me (Watson/Ling) with Janet Levy adding more layers on that groovy saxophone. The Freddie King number, See See Baby showcases a damn fine blues shuffle with those familiar, classy guitar licks alongside Shane’s passionate vocal style. Daniel Parise adds piano on this one, as well as Black Rose and the title track, Watch Out! (PA Green).

Shane Pacey unwittingly stated the obvious while singing the lyrics in Watch Out!I ain’t got no crystal ball, but the future ain’t hard to tell”. Prediction: The Shane Pacey Trio will definitely be in demand at every festival, right around the country, once this album is launched. So grab yourself a copy of this authentic, bluesy and soulful little package to discover the magic within the full 12 tracks.

Julie Fox

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