Peter Northcote

Pete Northcote started playing guitar at age 9. Learning at the same time as taking tennis lessons, after 6 months his parents told him he had to choose between the two. It wasn’t difficult for Pete to make the decision that set him on his path for the rest of his life.

His first teacher was Vince Lombardo at Brandmans Music Studios in Rockdale, Sydney, who eventually became the most important influence in his career. He introduced Pete to many styles of music, and Pete would win “Best Guitar Student” every year.

During high school, he started playing in bands, and also at wedding receptions. After leaving school he worked in many music shops as a teacher while constantly playing in cover bands and reception bands. From these humble beginnings, his career as a musician snowballed.

In 1985 Pete started doing sessions. At the time he was told he would have a good 3 – 4 years of getting gigs, however 23 years later Pete is one of the most in demand session guitarists in Australia. This type of work is a big love for Pete as it gives him a total focus and allows him to be creative every day.

Toured nationally and internationally with…

Pete Northcote has toured nationally and internationally with bands and performers of the calibre of Tom Jones, Stevie Wright, Shania Twain, Bo Diddley, The Monkeys, Dragon, Daryl Braithwaite, Richard Clapton, Rick Price, Margaret Urlich, Ross Wilson, Angry Anderson and John Farnham to name a few.

Pete has also recently opened as support for guitar wizard JOE SATRIANI on his 2008 tour of Australia.

Recorded with….

Pete Northcote is arguably Australia’s most recorded guitar player. Some of the artists he has recorded with are Daryl Braithwaite, Human Nature, Jenny Morris, Jimmy Barnes, Hi5, Guy Sebastian, Shannon Noll, Anthony Callea, Neil Murray, Paul Kelly, Sharon O’Neill, Bob Downe, Danielle Spencer, Doc Neeson, Dragon, Grace Knight, Margaret Urlich, Marc Hunter, Marcia Hines, and Yothu Yindi.


Pete’s influences are as diverse as his styles, from Hendrix to all the “Steves” (Vai, Luke, Morse, Hackett, Howe, etc) Zappa, Landau, Dave Gilmour, Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Eddie Van Halen, Ritchie Blackmore and Nuno.


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